‘Blair Witch’ Review

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blair witch review

The Blair Witch Project is one of those movies that has an established place in the annals of horror and to a lesser degree in film history. While not the creator of the found footage genre (Cannibal Holocaust probably earns that credit) it did bring it into mainstream use so that we have horror movies like Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield REC … Read More

‘Don’t Breathe’ Review

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Don't Breathe Review

The things that scare us are often the simplest of things: A creak in an empty house, the dark, isolation, the fear of someone violating our safe places all unnerve us. The movies that scare us however rarely rely on those most ordinary of things rather relying on the supernatural or the truly diabolical evils of the human heart. Don’t … Read More

‘Veronica Mars’ Watchcast

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Veronica Mars Podcast

It took a ridiculously long time but a group of us watched Veronica Mars through to its completion. This podcast is Gavin, Pudee and Steve sharing their thoughts on the show just minutes after we have completed the movie. It’s worth a listen to see how we felt about it. Coming in October we are going to start watching Fringe … Read More