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Beauty and The Beast (2017) Review

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Disney continues its pattern of remaking their animated movies classics into live action films. The have found both success and failure, arguably in equal parts. Beauty and The Beast is the latest to get this treatment and epitomises both the success and failure. At times, wonderful and others dull, It’s truly a mixed bag. Belle (Emma Watson) and her father …

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Watchcast: March Edition: Mad About Super Heroes

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On this month’s watchcast we delve once again into the world of Superheroes. Before we do that we have a hot take on last month’s Oscars and then delve into the good, the bad and the ugly. The good includes Logan and Legion, the bad being Marvel’s Iron Fist and the ugly is the Wonder Woman trailer (huh, who are …

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Logan Review

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The X-Men franchise of movies has had both glorious highs and some very notorious lows but one of the constants has been the reliable workman like performances of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. His popularity has even meant are series of spin-off films which for the large part have been forgettable. Logan is the latest in these stand-alone movies and was …