Watchcast April Edition

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It’s April and here is our Watchcast for the month. We talk returning faves on TV such as Doctor Who, Leftovers and Silicon Valley. We delve into the darkness of 13 Reasons Why, the new trailer for The Last Jedi, Get scared by a clown named IT and more. As always we hope you enjoy!

Gamescast April Edition: The Games Keep Rolling In

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It’s April and this year continues to be an absolutely strong year for video games. We of course talk about Zelda again and whether we have hit a wall yet. There is Nier: Automatia, Horizon: Zero Dawn and of course a little game called Persona 5. We talk hopes for Destiny 2, being persuaded about Battlefront 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox … Read More

The Fate of The Furious Review

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The Fate of The Furious Review

In preparation for The Fate of the Furious I began a rewatch of the Fast(Or is it Furious) Franchise and despite the varying quality of some of the films there is a certain familiarity that comes with it all making it the equivalent of a beloved but daggy piece of clothing or security blanket. So, while you might know what … Read More

13 Reasons Why Season One Review

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13 Reasons Why Season One Review

The twenty-year anniversary of Buffy just recently passed and its metaphorical take on high school being hell is still as relevant as ever. Over the years TV shows have explored the pressures of high school in both credible, thoughtful ways and equally trashy superficial ways too meaning how good these TV shows are works on a case by case basis. … Read More