Justice League Review

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Justice League Review

There can be little question to most observers (including those at Warner Bros) that the DC comics cinematic universe has had some mighty ups and downs in terms of quality in recent years. The glory days of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy have been almost entirely forgotten as the disappointing Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad took its place. 2017 … Read More

Watchcast November 2017

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Watchcast Discusses Ramapage Trailer

The month of November has some big things to discuss including Justice League and Stranger Things 2. It is also a rather traumatic month as the trailer for the ill-concieved Rampage movie launches. The harrassment scandal that continues to engulf much of mainstream Hollywood continues as well. We took about incidents involving Jeffery Tambolt, Louis CK and Kevin Spacey. We … Read More

Gamescast November 2017

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Wolfenstein II November Gamescast

This is it, the big month of November when all the games come out, well technically it was the last week of October but you get the idea. This month we talk about Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstien: The New Coloussus, Assassin’s Creed: Origin and Destiny 2. We look at the Battlefront 2 and we start a discussion about Vanilla World of … Read More

Stranger Things 2 Review

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Stranger Things 2 Review

Stranger Things took many of us by surprise. It wasn’t its quality because Netflix had released previously solid shows. No, it was its balance of ET like story dynamics, a charming cast and a core intriguing mystery. It also fed eighties nostalgia to us through a drip that made it feel like some illicit addictive drug. But despite its success … Read More