Best Looking and Best Moment in a Video Game 2018

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This is the first of our video game of the year podcast. In our first one we deal with the best looking game and the best moment in video games. If you want to hear the deliberations for these two awards, check out the podcast below: If you want to just know the answer, scroll down Best Looking: God of … Read More

Robbie C’s Top Ten Video Games of 2018

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It’s that time of year when we celebrate video games and completely objective and scientific lists of video games come out declaring which are best. No opinions here. The first of these rather factual lists is Robbie C’s top ten Video Games of 2018. Stay tuned to find out more awards and our overall winners. 10. Far Cry 5 (PC, … Read More

Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse Review

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Into The Spider-Verse Review

It’s not exactly a secret that Marvel (and in turn Disney)have had a stellar year. From the success of Black Panther to that finale of Avengers: Infinity War to the sass of Deadpool 2. What is more surprising however is that they might just have saved the strongest for last with Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. It’s hyper stylised visuals and  … Read More

Creed II Review

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Creed II (2) Review

Creed has to be one of the most pleasant surprises in recent movie history. A reboot of sort that honoured the Rocky legacy while carving out its own. Its success then unsurprisingly led to a sequel and while Creed II is a disappointment in some sense, its disappointment is more the fault of a successful previous film. It is good … Read More

Watchcast November 2018

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November Watchcast Stan Lee

It’s late again, I know. We even missed out on the cancellation of Daredevil – but still we deliver the Watchcast for the month of November. This month we talk about the passing of the great Stan Lee and the impact he had on pop culture in general. We talk about a PG 13 Deadpool, the plethora of live action … Read More

‘Widows’ Review

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'Widows' 2018 Review

In recent years there has been a well-intentioned trend toward rebooting beloved franchises with all-female casts. The problem hasn’t been the intention, but the use of sub-par material that hasn’t exactly allowed the idea to shine. The fault has never been the use of gender as a selling point (although the worst parts of the internet would have you believe … Read More

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Review

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Bohemian Rhapsody review

Everyone loves a Queen song, right? Their epic rock anthems are always a staple of any classic music list and an instant sing along at a party. But do you want to know the true story behind the band, particularly enigmatic front man, Freddie Mercury? Well Bohemian Rhapsody supposedly offers the ‘true’ story behind it all. The reality though is … Read More

October Watchcast

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Doctor Who October Watchcast

This one required all sorts of efforts to get out the door from busy ‘everyday’ lives for Steve and Pudee and technical difficulties to boot. Still here is your October Watchcast. We talk about how Netflix is cancelling a bunch of shows, we check in on how Jodi Whittaker is doing as the doctor, as well as plunge Into the … Read More

‘A Star is Born (2018)’ Review

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a star is born (2018) review

Boy meets girl is probably the most common summary of movie plots ever. The poor lover transformed by the rich one is probably second on that list. Yet actor Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut , A Star is Born is exactly both those plots. It’s not even the first but the third version of A Star is Born. So what does … Read More

‘First Man’ Review

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The landing on the moon in 1969 is an iconic moment in human history but it’s also a story well told. From speeches to imagery it is something inherently familiar. Yet with the interest in space exploration re-emerging as private companies get involved it would seem like the right time to re-tell it. So, we have First Man a retelling … Read More