‘Avengers Endgame’ Review

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Avengers endgame review

At this point, everyone has probably seen Avengers Endgame and really, it’s an unreviewable film anyway. If you’re committed to this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe ride, then you have strapped yourself in already and nothing is going to change that. Good news, is you should see it.  Yet still it’s a bit negligent to not share my thoughts on the … Read More

Mini Reviews: Us, Shazam!, Pet Semetary

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It’s been a slack few weeks for me on the review front. A little bit of writer’s block and a whole lot of uni work. So here are some quick thoughts on Us, Shazam! And Pet Semetary. Us: If there was concerns that Jordan Peele was a one-hit-wonder, that are best dismissed now. Clever, strange and unnerving best describe his … Read More