Watchcast November

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Our Watchcast November podcast

With the haunting tunes of Christmas Carols ringing in our ears, we begin our November discussion of movies and TV. This month we talk about Disney plus, The Mandalorian specifically, Cats (the musical not the pet), the ‘new and improved’ Sonic, a sneaky discussion about the video game Death Stranding and more. There is the usual chit chat about what … Read More

Doctor Sleep, Terminator, Ford and Blinded Mini-Reviews

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Doctor Sleep Review

Doctor Sleep Boldly ambitious in its attempt to make a sequel to both Kubrick’s The Shining and Stephen King’s novel of the same, Doctor Sleep is a largely successful affair. Great performances and a compelling emotional story are central as compared with might be the assumed scares. Danny Torrance, the boy from The Shining is all grown up and a … Read More