Doctor Sleep, Terminator, Ford and Blinded Mini-Reviews

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Doctor Sleep Review

Doctor Sleep Boldly ambitious in its attempt to make a sequel to both Kubrick’s The Shining and Stephen King’s novel of the same, Doctor Sleep is a largely successful affair. Great performances and a compelling emotional story are central as compared with might be the assumed scares. Danny Torrance, the boy from The Shining is all grown up and a … Read More

Watchcast October 2019

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Martin Scorceses 'Hates' Marvel

After saving Spiderman and Marvel, we take a crack on the October Watchcast at brokering peace between filmmakers and the less artistic Marvel cinematic universe. We talk Rise of the Skywalker, El Camino, Watchmen and more. There is the usual catch up on what we’ve been watching. As always we hope you enjoy. This is an example of the weirdly … Read More

‘Joker’ Review

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Joker Review Header

It seems like we have been hearing about Joker forever. It’s rave reviews and wins at Toronto Film Festival began an ever increasing level of hype around this more mature origin story of Batman’s arch nemesis. A more recent wave of controversy has only made conversations more vocal and shrill. With that much anticipation it would difficult for any film … Read More

‘Toy Story 4’ Review

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Toy Story 4 Review Cover image

It seems like the Toy Story franchise has been in our lives forever. Still every time one emerges, we forget how long it has been since the last one. Toy Story 3 for example was nine years ago but still feels somewhat recent. It helps that these characters are part of a modern animated iconography and their stories of the … Read More

‘Avengers Endgame’ Review

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Avengers endgame review

At this point, everyone has probably seen Avengers Endgame and really, it’s an unreviewable film anyway. If you’re committed to this whole Marvel Cinematic Universe ride, then you have strapped yourself in already and nothing is going to change that. Good news, is you should see it.  Yet still it’s a bit negligent to not share my thoughts on the … Read More

Mini Reviews: Us, Shazam!, Pet Semetary

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It’s been a slack few weeks for me on the review front. A little bit of writer’s block and a whole lot of uni work. So here are some quick thoughts on Us, Shazam! And Pet Semetary. Us: If there was concerns that Jordan Peele was a one-hit-wonder, that are best dismissed now. Clever, strange and unnerving best describe his … Read More

‘Captain Marvel’ Review

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Captain Marvel review

With the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, there was a question of how does one resolve that finale, to undo that snap of Thanos’s fingers? The hint was in the end credits and the answer was Captain Marvel, a previously unknown hero in the MCU. It’s a big weight to carry to be that but additionally this is Marvel’s first … Read More

Watchcast March 2019

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True Detective March

The elusive month of February somehow tricked us into missing a watchcast, our podcast about movies and TV. We talk Harry Potter Movies, Oscars, You’re The Worst, True Detective Season 3 and more. There was an internet issue in the back half of the show and there probably is some sync issues (although not major ones). As always enjoy!

Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse Review

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Into The Spider-Verse Review

It’s not exactly a secret that Marvel (and in turn Disney)have had a stellar year. From the success of Black Panther to that finale of Avengers: Infinity War to the sass of Deadpool 2. What is more surprising however is that they might just have saved the strongest for last with Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. It’s hyper stylised visuals and  … Read More

Creed II Review

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Creed II (2) Review

Creed has to be one of the most pleasant surprises in recent movie history. A reboot of sort that honoured the Rocky legacy while carving out its own. Its success then unsurprisingly led to a sequel and while Creed II is a disappointment in some sense, its disappointment is more the fault of a successful previous film. It is good … Read More