Pacific Rim Uprising Review

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Pacific Rim Uprising Movie Review

Pacific Rim returns with its breed of Monster versus Machines, or should I say Kaiju vs. Yagers in Pacific Rim Uprising. It is perhaps an unnecessary sequel but it is for the most part watchable. It lacks the care of the first but is still largely entertaining. The Yager pilots program is about to be replaced by a new more efficient … Read More

Watchcast Feb 2018

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Black Panther Fight- watchcast

It’s technically March I know, but this Watchcast was created in February. I know it’s almost cheating but we talk about Black Panther and have a conversation about how they portray race (especially ironic given the very caucasian appearance of us), we deal with the stealth delivery of The Cloverfield Paradox and we fret about Solo after seeing the Superbowl … Read More

‘Black Panther’ Review

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black panther review

With 18 films and more in production, Marvel Studios is aware something new might be needed to keep things fresh and profitable. Black Panther is such an attempt, a distinctive vision that deals not only with a superhero originating from a fictional African nation but also deciding to wade into politics and issues of justice. It is a bold attempt, … Read More

‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Review

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Fifty Shades Freed Review

It seems unlikely that the Fifty Shades franchise would course correct in its final act and so the cringe-worthy dialogue, awkward sexuality and near-abusive dynamics are all still present in Fifty Shades Freed. Yet in spite of everything one can’t help but felt a little bit of sentimentality for the odd coupling of Anastasia and Christian and their bizarre relationship … Read More

‘The Greatest Showman’ Review

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The greatest showman review

Every few years there is an attempt to revive cinematic musicals and rather than borrowing from previously successful material there have been original musicals being brought to life. Last year ‘La La Land’ was an attempt to bring style back to the musical with Jazz, dreams and Hollywood as its backdrop. This year’s attempt is a bit more conventional, ‘The … Read More

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Review

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The Last Jedi Review

It seems we are now in the full-on Disneyfication of the Star Wars Movie with three movies in as many years. For the most part, The Force Awakens and Rogue One were largely successful endeavour. Each succeeding in different ways while not exactly reinventing the formula. The Last Jedi, the latest entry is tasked with moving this latest trilogy along … Read More

‘Wonder’ Review

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'Wonder' Review

Telling a sentimental story in film can be a somewhat tricky balancing act. Cool sophistication in these type of movies means that sometimes the point is lost, while obvious ‘heart on your sleeve’ often leads to cliché and well-worn tropes feeling hollow. Wonder is an attempt to translate a successful novel into an emotionally heart felt story about overcoming adversity … Read More

Justice League Review

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Justice League Review

There can be little question to most observers (including those at Warner Bros) that the DC comics cinematic universe has had some mighty ups and downs in terms of quality in recent years. The glory days of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy have been almost entirely forgotten as the disappointing Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad took its place. 2017 … Read More