‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ Review

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fantastic beasts and where to find them review

This may be a minority opinion, but I was quite content to have no new Harry Potter in my life. In fact, I could have done with far less of the original source material too. Don’t get me wrong I like the world of Harry Potter but it did drag on. As I said this is a minority opinion especially … Read More

‘Arrival’ Review

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arrival movie review

The release of Arrival comes at a poignant and important time. A film that speaks about our ability (or inability) to communicate with each other whether it be in terms of politics, race, diplomacy or having a drink at your local pub. Storytelling has always had that ability to thread the metaphorical needle of making us think and feel about … Read More

‘Doctor Strange’ Review

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Doctor Strange Review

It’s getting to that point for Marvel Studios where they must pull out the lesser known heroes to make new franchises, Doctor Strange is one such character. I had no idea who he was but enrolling geek favourite Benedict Cumberbatch and an introduction of magic rather than super powers as the driving impetuous seemed like the right idea. But does … Read More

Steve’s Top 20 Scary Movies

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the witch scary movies

Halloween is that excuse  we use to celebrate all things scary and I thought I would compile a list of what I consider to be the top 20 scary movies. Originally I published this back in 2013 around this same time of year but it’s been a good couple of years for scary movies. For the record, they’re numbered but … Read More

‘Jack Reacher Never Go Back’ Review

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Jack Reacher Never Go Back Review

Tom Cruise is a bit of a problematic leading man for many people. For that many it has less to do with the quality of his films or his acting in them but much to do with his personal life, a topic a little more salacious and irrelevant than one would suppose. Yet in recent years he has carved himself … Read More

‘Luke Cage Season One’ Review

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Luke Cage Season One Review

The dense real estate of movies has been taken over by super heroes and as that real estate grows ever more crowded TV seems like territory ripe for the picking. DC comics have always had a close relationship with TV and has found success from Smallville to The Flash,  Arrow and Supergirl. Marvel began slowly with their Agents of SHIELD … Read More

‘Deepwater Horizon’ Review

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There is something about a true story that makes it appealing to a broad audience.  The premise may simply interesting peaking curiosity or it might be the empathy of normal people doing extraordinary things. It might be an age thing too. I’ve found myself resonating with true stories of survival more and more. Deepwater Horizon was not a film on … Read More

‘Blair Witch’ Review

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blair witch review

The Blair Witch Project is one of those movies that has an established place in the annals of horror and to a lesser degree in film history. While not the creator of the found footage genre (Cannibal Holocaust probably earns that credit) it did bring it into mainstream use so that we have horror movies like Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield REC … Read More

‘Don’t Breathe’ Review

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Don't Breathe Review

The things that scare us are often the simplest of things: A creak in an empty house, the dark, isolation, the fear of someone violating our safe places all unnerve us. The movies that scare us however rarely rely on those most ordinary of things rather relying on the supernatural or the truly diabolical evils of the human heart. Don’t … Read More