Gamescast October Edition

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Gamescast- Hob

It was exceedinly long in gestation, possibly even longer in recording, plaugued with technical issues, occcured twice but here is the October issue of the 2017 gamescast. So we battled tiredness and internets to bring you a gamescast filled with talk of Hob, Persona 5, Hellblade, Divinity Original Sin 2 and more. We break down the new Tomb Raider movie … Read More

Gamescast April Edition: The Games Keep Rolling In

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It’s April and this year continues to be an absolutely strong year for video games. We of course talk about Zelda again and whether we have hit a wall yet. There is Nier: Automatia, Horizon: Zero Dawn and of course a little game called Persona 5. We talk hopes for Destiny 2, being persuaded about Battlefront 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox … Read More