Doctor Sleep Review

Doctor Sleep, Terminator, Ford and Blinded Mini-Reviews

Doctor Sleep Boldly ambitious in its attempt to make a sequel to both Kubrick’s The Shining and Stephen King’s novel of the same, Doctor Sleep is a largely successful affair. Great performances and a compelling emotional story are central as compared with might be the assumed scares. Danny Torrance, the boy from The Shining is …

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Joker Review Header

‘Joker’ Review

It seems like we have been hearing about Joker forever. It’s rave reviews and wins at Toronto Film Festival began an ever increasing level of hype around this more mature origin story of Batman’s arch nemesis. A more recent wave of controversy has only made conversations more vocal and shrill. With that much anticipation it …

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Watchcast Sepetember Spidey and Disney breaking up

Watchcast September Edition

As promised we went monthly with our Watchcast. Two months in a row. A true achievement. We talk about the heartbreaking breakup of Spidey and Marvel, we discuss the potential of new streaming services, as well as the new Breaking Bad Film. As Always we hope you enjoy.